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Monday, October 3, 2011

Changes in Tennessee regarding Bond Restrictions/Conditions for Multiple DUI Offenders

By David G. Ridings, Nashville Criminal Defense Attorney

Recently there have been significant changes in Tennessee Law regarding multiple DUI Offenders.  One such change that has defendants in an uproar, is the new law regarding bond conditions that are set for people charged with DUI Second (2nd) Offense or more.  The conditions are very restrictive, and are instituted BEFORE you are convicted of any crime. 

The conditions/restrictions require the person charged to report, usually by noon the next business day, to the Probation department to be screened and/or fitted for one of the new bond conditions.  The law is summarized below…

D.   Changes in Bond Conditions for Multiple Offenders (See Tennessee Code Annotated § 40-11-118). 

1.There have been significant changes this year (2011) in the way multiple offenders are handled as it relates to bond conditions.  This change means that multiple offenders are given one of several options as a "condition to their bond", and are required to maintain these conditions up to the disposition of the case, while they remain on bond.  The constitutionality of this change is in question by many, but the requirements are simply stated.  The person arrested, even though not yet convicted, must report by noon the next business day and submit to one of the following:
1.     A remote alcohol monitoring device with GPS monitoring placed on your person.
2.     An ignition interlock device installed on your vehicle;
3.     Be randomly drug tested by the probationdepartment.

The legislature was obviously under some pressure to stiffen the penalties for driving in the state of Tennessee while under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating drug.  So,  as always, you must be very cognizant of how much you have to drink before driving a motor vehicle.  

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  1. ive been roaming nashville and i can barely see any ignition interlock for sale in shops, i know most are ordered thru online and over the phone, i hope i can get one soon since its mandated now in Tennessee.